Positive News for Israel in the New Year


The top factors inspiring optimism.

Meet the “1%” Funding Anti-Fracking Hysteria

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Big-monied power-brokers and foreign interests join forces to kill blue-collar jobs.

Will Fracking Bring Down Muslim PetroPower?


As far as the Saudis are concerned, they own the American energy marketplace, and they need it badly. And it may be in part the growing threat of Western energy independence that drove the Arab Spring-Islamic Winter wave of coups against Arab countries allied to the United States and possessing exploitable quantities of gas reserves.

Exposé: Qatar’s Takeover of Europe


Buying Eurabia — one piece at a time.

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers


Debunking the bogus claims of the self-appointed truth keepers.

Out of Gas in the Golden State


Leftist environmental policies are hurting the little guy the most.

Watering Down the New Iran Sanctions Bill


Obama and Democrats protect the interests of banking lobbyists.

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Obama’s Interior Department Still Going Rogue


The latest crackdown on oil excavation will keep our most promising resources locked away for decades.

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Sudan: A Battleground Between Iran and Israel


A budding Islamist romance develops.

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The Left’s ‘Blood For Oil’ Fraud


After nearly a decade, the full bankruptcy of the leftist conspiracy theory is finally unfolding.

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