Watering Down the New Iran Sanctions Bill


Obama and Democrats protect the interests of banking lobbyists.

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Obama’s Interior Department Still Going Rogue


The latest crackdown on oil excavation will keep our most promising resources locked away for decades.

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Sudan: A Battleground Between Iran and Israel


A budding Islamist romance develops.

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The Left’s ‘Blood For Oil’ Fraud


After nearly a decade, the full bankruptcy of the leftist conspiracy theory is finally unfolding.

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EPA’s ‘Crucifixion’ of Energy Sector Exposed


A glimpse into the zealotry governing Obama’s out-of-control agency.

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Debunking Obama’s Energy Policy Lies


As gas prices rise, so does the president’s misdirection.

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Socialist Sanders’ Hot Air on Gas


It wasn’t about speculators then. It’s not about them now.

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Sabotaging America: The Obama Energy Agenda


Steps the president could take to ease gas price worries.

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Killing Keystone


Lies from the president as elite radicals nix jobs for struggling blue-collar workers.

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Brazilian Oil and Re-election Schemes


Another Soros connection with Obama’s favorite oil producing country uncovered.

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