Venezuela’s Top 10 Useful Idiots and Propagandists, Pt. I


Shilling for Chavista tyranny and terror.

Oliver Stone Does Venezuela


The PR king of government oppression.

Venezuelans Bleed Under Socialist Oppression

A student takes part in a protest against Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas, Venezuela.

While the Hollywood elite cheer on the government.

Martin Luther King Estate Boots Oliver Stone from Biopic Over Adultery Scene


“The script dealt w/ adultery and King’s spiritual transformation into a more radical being.”

Oliver Stone to Make Movie About Socialist Dictator Who Returns from the Dead in Bird Form


Oliver Stone combines his two favorite hobbies; Communism and cocaine.

Every Time Oliver Stone Writes About History, History Dies


Oliver Stone is too stupid to be cynical

Untold History of the USSR


The backstory to Oliver Stone’s neo-communist encyclopedia.

Oliver Stone’s Bush Derangement Syndrome


The neo-Communist filmmaker presents yet another perversion of history.

The Death of Oliver Stone’s Good Soviet Union


How a neo-Communist filmmaker learned to stop worrying and hate history.

A History Lesson for Oliver Stone on Vietnam


The neo-Communist filmmaker doesn’t find communist objectives and atrocities worth mentioning.