Bill Whittle: Terrorist Nation


A Truth Revolt video.

The Lawless Presidency — on The Glazov Gang


Will Congress ever hold Obama accountable for his usurpation of power?

NBC Olympics Coverage: Burying Cold War History


Whitewashing the Evil Empire and the U.S.’s triumphs against it.

A Gay-Rights Cave-In at Sochi?


What happened to all that outrage?

Islamic Olympics Are Better Than Infidel Olympics


A response to Nonie Darwish.

Google’s Weird Passive-Aggressive Olympics Gay Rights Protest


Progressives pick their battles and they do so in a cowardly and dishonest manner.

The Islamic Grinch Who Stole the Olympics


Why the Olympics strike at the heart of Islamic ideology — and why jihadists yearn to annihilate them.

Putin’s Showdown With Terror


Russia gears up for a confrontation with Jihad at the Olympics.

Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Accuses Olympics of Islamophobia for Picking Tokyo

erdogans way

Let’s not overlook Istanbul’s potential. It has A. Violent civil unrest and B. A conservative Muslim culture that thinks female athletes are whores

Saudi Arabia’s Gender Apartheid City


The Kingdom’s bizarre plan to build a female-only urban center.

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