The Folly of Open Borders


Time for hard questions to be asked about the future of European civilization.

Dem Congressman Resigns from Hispanic Caucus Because It Isn’t Open Borders Enough

Filemon Vela

Cultural unity is an argument for open borders. It’s an argument that this is really Mexican territory. It’s Reconquista.

Is Illegal Immigration Good For Mexico?


Why the open borders lobby is destroying the hope for change south of the border.

The Amnesty Mob vs. America


How the Soros-funded open borders lobby has brought Chicago thuggery to the national stage.

Swedes Propose Open Borders & Polygamy


Even the center-right faction is jumping on the Sharia bandwagon.

Methodist Women for Open Borders


Religious Left reveals its true agenda.

Christ: An “Undocumented” Migrant?


What would Jesus do about open borders? Leftist immigration activists claim to know.

Bashing Arizona Immigration Law Supporters


The Religious Left goes to work.

The Real Immigration Solution


To end massive illegal immigration, end massive legal immigration.