Syrian Opposition Lobbies UN For Support


A jihadist-infested umbrella group intensifies its quest for international recognition.

Rand Paul’s Bold Stand Against Arming Islamist Syrian Rebels

Apple CEO Tim Cook Testifies At Senate Hearing On U.S. Tax Code

A courageous effort to keep U.S. weapons out of al-Qaeda’s hands.

John Kerry’s Shameless Flip-Flop on Missile Defense


Another testament to our new secretary of state’s egregious judgment.

Did the Muslim Brotherhood Really Win the Presidency in Egypt?


Why Morsi’s secular opponent may have defeated him by some 30,000 votes.

Chavez Still in Charge


The Venezuelan strongman’s health is as mysterious as ever.

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Syria’s Deadly Deadline


Protesters are given final warning to turn themselves in by Sunday.

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Yemen Falling


An al-Qaeda stronghold on the rise.

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The Revolution Within


How the Iranian Freedom Institute and the Green Youth can topple the Iranian regime

May Day in Iran


Protestors and labor groups challenge the regime.

A Russian Coup in Kyrgyzstan?


The government of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, which has hosted a critical U.S. air base since 2001, is overthrown by pro-Russian forces.