The Cuban Archipelago


A reflection on the suffering of the Cuban people under a vicious communist tyranny.

Islam vs. Female Menstruation — on The Glazov Gang


A former Muslim Imam points to the Islamic texts that dehumanize women for possessing fertility and spawning life.

Life Under the Victimocracy


The biggest and angriest whiner wins.

Andrew Klavan: The Newest Threat on College Campuses: Microaggression

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.20.35 PM

A Truth Revolt video.

The Rise of American Totalitarianism


A country on the precipice.

The Islamic State of Iran and Gender Discrimination

Woman Hanging Iran 2

Why is the international community silent about Iran’s atrocities against women?

Islam’s War on the Copts


A dire history lesson.

Christians: On the Front Lines of Muslim Violence


The global religious genocide the West refuses to acknowledge.

Pro-Islam Western Scholars and the ‘Real’ Islam


Responding to the self-anointed representatives of the Religion of Peace.

Reporting on the Radical Left Is ‘Spying’?

Picture 8

Absurd claims of political oppression from the tenured extremists running Israeli universities.