Our Oppressed Oppressors


Some countries have dictators. America has victims.

Oprah, Kanye West and the Psychology of Hate


Two race-obsessed celebrities work through their “issues” on the public stage.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Race in America

LEE DANIELS' THE BUTLER Los Angeles Premiere, Hosted By TWC, Budweiser And FIJI Water, Purity Vodka And Stack Wines - Red Carpet

Some random observations.

Oprah: Racism Will End When All the Old White People Die


“There are still generations of people, older people and they just have to die!”

Oprah: Just Because You’re Not Racist Doesn’t Mean You’re Not a Racist


The Left’s emotional blackmail.

Oprah and Five Racial Double Standards


Toward that “honest” discussion of race that Eric Holder says he wants.

Oprah’s Witch-Hunt


With baseless racism accusations, Winfrey attempts to destroy a powerless shopgirl.

Obama to Award Oprah the Medal of Freedom


Also getting the Medal of Freedom will be Bill Clinton and Gloria Steinem.

Oprah Gets a Degree From Harvard

Oprah Winfrey commencement speech at Harvard

How Oprah’s sob stories became America’s politics.

The Super Bowl Veers Left


The death of American values on the biggest American TV day.