Obama Wanted to Try Osama in Civilian Court


Now we know why the SEALS were determined to kill Osama bin Laden. They probably knew or could guess the alternative that Obama had in mind for Osama.

I’m Bin Laden and I Approve This Message


Captured documents reveal al-Qaeda’s plan to exploit American media.

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Tough Call on Afghanistan


The time for a decision on troop withdrawal draws near.

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‘Kick in the Gut’ for Al-Qaeda Killers


Elite commando possibly killed, while Somali terror chief meets his demise.

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Al-Qaeda’s Rising Leaders


What new strategy will they bring?

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Manufacturing Dissent


Noam Chomsky defends his not-so-secret admirer — Osama bin Laden.

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Obama’s Bin Laden Mission ‘Gutsy’ — What About Bush’s ‘Surge’?


Which decision’s consequences posed the most risk?

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Chancellor Angela Merkel Charged


In Germany, expressing happiness about bin Laden’s death comes with legal consequences.

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How Leftism Poisoned a Psychiatrist’s Mind


One more example of how leftism makes decent people do indecent things.

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A Crippling Blow to Al-Qaeda

Mideast Egypt Bin Laden

The victory behind the victory of killing Osama bin Laden.

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