Muslim Immigration is the Real War on Women

Taliban beat a woman in KabulSep.2001

“70 percent of these cases involve families with different ethnic backgrounds. The cultures we are talking about use little alcohol and do not celebrate Christmas,” says domestic violence coordinator in Oslo, Stein Erik Olsen.

Norwegian Students to Become a Minority in Oslo Schools in 8 Years


The share of minority pupils in Oslo schools has grown by one percentage point a year, which means that pupils with Norwegian as their native language will be in the minority in 2021.”

Progressives go to War over…War

The purpose of all war is peace—Saint Augustine: The City of God
While President Barack Obama was in Oslo, Norway yesterday accepting his Nobel Peace Prize (while at the same time justifying his troop surge in Afghanistan), back home Congressman and fellow progressive Democrat Dennis Kucinich was busy metaphorically pulling the red carpet out from under [...]

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