The Way to Peace: EMET vs. J Street

Mideast Talks Analysis

Dueling presentations separate the two-state true believers from the realists.

Trying to Scare Israel


Why the voices clamoring for Israel to give up more of its rights are putting the country at risk.

A Mandela Moment in Jerusalem


How the Palestinians dealt with the Mandela Institute’s message of peace.

Israel’s Twenty-Year Nightmare

Oslo victims-thumb-470x320-3132

The horror of the Oslo Accords.

No Substitute for Victory: The Right Path to Peace for Israel


An all-star panel discusses the way forward after the failure of Oslo.

“Islamic Science” or Islamic Propaganda?


A traveling misinformation exhibit and its ties to Wahhabist Saudi Arabia.

Kerry Peddles the Snake Oil of Peace


The failed Palestinian appeasement process returns.

A Real Human Rights Group Defends Freedom in Oslo


The Human Rights Foundation is putting the world’s tyrants on notice like never before.

Norwegians: Outsiders in Their Own Country


More and more European teenagers feel like oppressed minorities in their own communities.

Norway’s Happy Lies on Muslim Immigration


Media conceal the ugly truth about the country’s multicultural nightmare.