I’m Make-Believe Outraged!

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A Truth Revolt video.

Obama’s Israel Crisis


America’s enemies get courted, while allies get the squeeze.

Breaking the Taliban


The capture of a top Taliban commander may mark a crucial turning point in the Afghan war.

The New Attack on Palin? Associate Her with John Edwards


The obsessive attacks on Palin take yet another morbid turn.

Religious “Truth” Commission to Examine U.S. War “Atrocities”


Far-left Christian activists host committee to slander the military.

Obama’s Budget Blame Game


The president blames his predecessor for his own fiscal profligacy.

Britain Moves to Ban Islamic Group – NYTimes.com

LONDON — Britain said Tuesday it was outlawing a radical Islamic group that had incited outrage by planning a protest march through the streets of a town made famous for its somber ceremonies honoring British soldiers killed in Afghanistan. via Britain Moves to Ban Islamic Group – NYTimes.com.