Occupy Wall Street/Ferguson Thug Arrested for Beating Jewish Man at Anti-Israel Protest


No Hate Crime here. Just Leftist Anti-Semitism.

Hating the Successful


Why the 1% deserve their condominiums and the Occupiers deserve their sleeping bags.

Ahmadinejad’s Occupy Outreach


Why there is a natural affinity between the Iranian regime and Occupy radicals.

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Occupy at One Year


Comeback or last gasp?

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Occupy Hipsters Try to Recruit Black People in Charlotte, Fail Miserably


Walking up to an African-American woman outside of one townhouse, a white protester called out, “Hey, sister.” “Sister?” she asked. “It’s ma’am to you.”

RNC Protestors: Behind the Media Spin


We need adults to solve our problems, not these people.

Whatever Happened to Occupy Wall Street?


The sad leftovers of a left-wing movement.

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Tax Dollars at Work: U.N. Trashes U.S. Over ‘Violence’ Against OWS


U.N. Human Rights council too busy with fake American crimes to deal with real human rights abuses.

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‘Nonviolence’ Explodes in Chicago


The product of an entire movement devoted to convincing young people that America is evil.

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Chicago Braces for Leftist Violence and Mayhem


Obama pals Ayers, Dohrn, orchestrating riots in the Windy City.

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