Hating Valentine’s


Why Islamists and the radical Left loathe the day of love.

35 Years in Prison for 166 Dead


American scout for Mumbai terrorist attack gets off light.

The Taliban’s Jihad on Polio Vaccines


Why 16 health aid workers in Pakistan had to die for trying to administer the life-saving drops to children.

John Kerry: Still Wrong After All These Years


A senator’s world of tyrants and terrorists.

Obama’s GE to Export Nuclear Technology to Iran via China

Barack Obama, Hu Jintao

The intelligence reports on proliferation so far have been ignored by Obama administration policymakers who have suppressed the intelligence to avoid upsetting both China and Pakistan.

70% of Pakistani Politicians Do Not File Income Taxes


Almost 70 percent of Pakistani lawmakers did not file income taxes last year, an investigative journalism group said on Wednesday, highlighting deep flaws in a taxation system that has drawn repeated criticism from Western aid donors.

A Tale of Two Cities


Two pictures tell a troubling tale.

Rare Victory for Religious Freedom in Pakistan


High Court declares Rimsha Masih innocent of blasphemy, but she can never return home.

Pakistan Outlaws Cheap Calling Rates Because They Promote “Vulgarity”


Pakistan has ordered mobile phone companies to ban cheap, late-night calling rates because they allegedly promote vulgarity among young men and women, officials said Wednesday.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: September 2012


The plight of Pakistani Christians becomes especially deadly.