America Apologizes to Pakistan Over U.S. Soldiers Defending Themselves


Pakistanis demand the U.S. “ask for forgiveness” and pay reparations.

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The Persecution of Pakistan’s Christians


Terrorizing the “People of the Book” has become big business for the resurgent Taliban.

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Top 10 Reasons to Kick Pakistan Off the Dole


Does the U.S. really have the money to waste on such a false friend?

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Angry Senate Votes to Cut Aid to Pakistan


A sea change in congressional support for a duplicitous ally?

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Pakistan Imprisons Key Informant in Bin Laden Raid


The Obama administration does nothing for a man who risked it all to help the U.S. get its Enemy #1.

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United Methodists: Afghanistan Better Off Under Taliban


The religious Left finds another “evil” of American “occupation.”

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A Closer Look at the U.S.-Afghan Partnership Agreement


The most significant problems with the long-awaited pact.

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Obama’s Drive to Disarm America 


The president considers making the U.S. as impotent as France — while our enemies stock up on nukes.

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Muslim Gangs Drug and Rape Children All Over The UK


Britain finally starts to wake up to the Islamic horror on its soil.

A New Phase in Afghanistan?


Surprising sectarian violence rocks the country — did Pakistan play a role?

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