The Poor Palestinian People

Per capita aid money

Just look at all that aid money going to one place.

Obama Inc Finds Way to Waste $250 Mil on UN and Palestinians at the Same Time

Obama had unblocked $500 million in aid back in March. And Kerry is pushing for a 4 billion dollar investment plan in the PA.

UN Welcomes Terrorist President of Palestine Olympic Committee


Behind rhetoric of sportsmanship, Palestinian Major General calls Jews “Satans” and vows to destroy Israel.

From London to Ramallah: The Bloody Hands of Islam


Why the Woolwich attack is no isolated incident.

Former Palestinian National Security Advisor: “if We Had a Nuke, We’d Have Used It This Very Morning”


Three years earlier, Rajoub had said, “Israel is a cancer in the region, by Allah, I’m sure every speck of Palestine from the sea to the river – will return to us!”

‘Israel Lobby’ Threatening Free Speech at Berkeley?


Are sinister Jewish forces really silencing people from speaking about Palestine?

Pushing ‘Palestine’ at UCLA


Campus opens its doors to an Israel hate-fest.

Czech-Israeli Relations: An Enduring Friendship


The Jewish State’s best friend in both Eastern and Western Europe.

U.N. Says ‘Aye’ to Palestinian Terror State


The West votes to reward decades of Palestinian rejectionism and violence.

Resolution for Genocidal Palestinian Muslim State Put Forward by Other Genocidal Muslim State


Sudan, a genocidal Muslim state, run by a monster convicted of crimes against humanity, put forward the resolution to upgrade the status of “Palestine”, a genocidal Muslim entity backed and funded by genocidal Muslim states with the aim of ethnically cleansing Israel’s population through a campaign of murder, terror and intimidation.