The U.N.’s ‘Year of Solidarity’ with the Palestinians


Expect lots of Sturm und Drang at the UN in 2014.

Palestinian People Who Came Into Existence 50 Years Ago Plan Mural of Their 3,500 Year History


Palestinian history began with Arafat

Imaginary Muslim Terrorist Kleptocracy Wants its Own Currency


If your economy consists of foreign aid, you don’t get a currency.

Israel’s Secret Retreat Map


Explaining the code of silence about the current Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Recognition of “Palestine” May be Golden Era for Money Laundering, Smuggling and Terror


Diplomatic relations can provide a suitable cover for the quiet transfer of large amounts of money

Chief Palestinian Negotiator Claims Not To Have Pre-Conditions for Talks, Lists Pre-Conditions for Talks

John Kerry and Saeb Erekat

While Kerry frantically tries to restart the peace talks, the terrorist side wants pre-conditions for even talking to Israel. S

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 2

Palestinian schoolgirls dedicate a special song to their neighbors, the Jewish apes and pigs.

The Poor Palestinian People

Per capita aid money

Just look at all that aid money going to one place.

Obama Inc Finds Way to Waste $250 Mil on UN and Palestinians at the Same Time

Obama had unblocked $500 million in aid back in March. And Kerry is pushing for a 4 billion dollar investment plan in the PA.

UN Welcomes Terrorist President of Palestine Olympic Committee


Behind rhetoric of sportsmanship, Palestinian Major General calls Jews “Satans” and vows to destroy Israel.