US Taxpayer Funded Palestinian Authority Terrorists Firing Rockets at Israel


Hamas, Fatah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are united by “one God, one homeland, one enemy, one goal.”

The Time Has Come for America to Stand Up


U.S. funding of Palestinian terrorists must cease.

Palestinian ‘Unity’ in Action: Israeli Teens Kidnapped


Hamas extends a “peace” offering.

Obama Inc. Won’t Stop Funding Hamas Despite Rocket Attack from Gaza


“How many more rocket attacks do there have to be”

U.S. Defunding the Palestinian Authority?

Palestinians celebrating reconciliation, between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza Strip

Led by Reps. Trent Franks and Michele Bachmann, the effort moves to a formal House Resolution.

Palestinian Authority to Funnel Payments to Terrorists Through PLO


“This would be a change of name and nothing more”

Letting Go of Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas

Why the Palestinian Authority chief is not an asset — but a liability.

Rand Paul’s Support for Israel


The senator is a complicated character. That doesn’t make him Israel’s enemy.

Hamas & the Palestinian Authority: Brothers to Spill Jewish Blood


Time for civilized people everywhere to finally stand with Israel against its terrorist enemy.

Israel’s “Peace Partners” Complain About Lack of Al Qaeda Attacks on Israel

abbas hamas

“We haven’t seen one [terrorist] action carried out by them,” he complained.