Time for Consequences

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas holds a

The Palestinians publicly announce their embrace of terrorism — and their true intentions in the “peace process.”

Muslim Terrorist Who Killed 2, Complains Israel Didn’t Let Him Collect Stamps in Prison


“I shot them, one bullet each, and went [hiding] in the mountains…”

Israeli Muslim Victim of Terror Opposes Release of Hamas Terrorists


Sabriya was bludgeoned over the head with a 22 pound hammer and strangled till she died.

Palestinian Authority in Violation of 11 out of 15 Treaties it Just Signed

"This one I'll violate now and this one I'll take home and violate."

Terrorists in violation of treaties? I’m shocked.

Palestinian Authority President’s Representative: “Allah Will Gather Israelis So We Can Kill Them”


“I genuinely believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas,” Obama said.

Palestinian Arab Honor Killings Increase 100%


It must be Israel’s fault.

2 Minute Video Explains Why Kerry’s Peace Deal is a Dead End


Hamas has some authority to form a government. Abbas has none.

Did Mohammed Dahlan Poison Arafat?


Dahlan was behind the murder of Moussa Arafat, Arafat’s nephew.

Majority of Americans Say Palestinian State Will be Terrorist, Oppose Foreign Aid


Only 31% of Americans believe Obama is a close and reliable friend of Israel,

Muslim Terrorist in Israel Plotted Terror Attack for US Tax Dollars


The Palestinian Authority is one big magnet for terrorism.