Did Palestinian Authority Officials Cause Obama’s IRS to Target Pro-Israel Groups?

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So much for the dreaded Israeli lobby. It would appear that the Palestine Lobby is more powerful.

Murderer of 13 Children Appointed Top Adviser to Palestinian Authority President


Obama said that Israel has a “true partner” in President Abbas. This is what that partnership looks like.

Kerry Proposes $4 Billion Bailout of Palestinian Authority


The plan is to take an area run by two warring terrorist groups and bring its unemployment rate in line with the US and EU… in three years.

Genesis of an Anti-Semitic State


Why won’t Jewish groups publicly oppose the formation of a Judenrein Palestine?

Former Palestinian National Security Advisor: “if We Had a Nuke, We’d Have Used It This Very Morning”


Three years earlier, Rajoub had said, “Israel is a cancer in the region, by Allah, I’m sure every speck of Palestine from the sea to the river – will return to us!”

Blaming Israel for Palestinian Authority Tyranny

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Palestinian Authority President Abbas is currently serving out Year 8 of a four year term. Nice work if the international community of suckers can get it for you.

Religious Hate Speech for Children on Palestinian TV

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The horrifying poetry Palestinian kids are indoctrinated with.

Palestinian Authority Sentences Man to 6 Months in Jail for “Liking” Facebook Post

"Let me tell you about my social media strategy."

I can’t wait until there’s a Palestinian State so that everyone in the West Bank can enjoy the freedom that comes with billions of dollars in foreign aid being used to subsidize a backward tyranny.

Palestinian Authority Locks Up Second Man for Mocking its President on Facebook


Hamamreh, who works for the Palestinian Al-Quds TV station, was found guilty of sharing a photo on Facebook

No Money for Traffic Control Towers, But $700 Mil Available for Palestinian Terrorists

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama waves upon his arrival for a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Should the needs of the American people come before those of the Palestinian people… or should the needs of the terrorists come before those of Americans?