Muslim Terrorists Live the Good Life in Israeli Prison


Muslim terrorists bring cell phones into prison enabling them to update their Facebook pages, shop virtually for clothes with their friends and throw parties in their cells.

Palestinian Authority Opens Special Housing Project for Terrorist Families


It was generally considered to be a bad thing when Saddam Hussein made special payments to the families of terrorists. But Abbas does it all the time, even paying salaries to Hamas terrorists in prison, using American and European aid. But now the Palestinian Authority is rolling out a special housing project for them.

Symposium: The Deal For Gilad Shalit


Two Frontpage columnists battle it out on what Israel gave up to get back its kidnapped soldier.

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Getting the Shalit Deal Straight


How the negotiating paradigm must be changed.

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The Lynching of Israel: The Global Propaganda Wars Gather Force

United Nations Just Condemned “Acts” Which Caused Flotilla Deaths
Once, Jews were persecuted because they had no ancestral home — and no army, navy, or air force. Now, Jews, both in Israel and around the world, are persecuted precisely because they have an ancestral home which dares to defend its citizens from deadly harm. This Jew-hatred [...]

Palestinian Houses Demolished in Gaza: Whose Fault Is It?

Hamas police

Guess what? Earlier today, Hamas leaders demolished scores of Palestinian homes in Rafah, Gaza. And why? What is the real reason for this Palestinian-on-Palestinian demolition? Was the land needed for villas for Hamas heavies? Was it for a military purpose? Were these tunnels in which Palestinians were trying to escape from Gaza and into [...]

Finkelstein’s Slander Against Israel


The Jewish-collaborator and Hamas-apologist is at it again.

Obama’s War on Israel


Why the President has fomented a crisis in U.S. relations with Israel.

A Two Person Anti-Israel SWAT Team


Rachel Corrie’s parents arrive in Haifa.

Eurabia vs. Israel on Jerusalem – by P. David Hornik


The EU pressures Israel to surrender its capitol.