An Israeli PR Change Is Long Overdue


Why the Jewish State is not keeping pace with the Palestinians.

The Obama ‘Framework’ for Israel’s Doom

barack obama

The president’s plan to secure his legacy by putting the screws to the Jewish State.

Wall of Truth


The Freedom Center’s short film that uncovers the lies of “Israel Apartheid Week.”

Obama Chief of Staff Blasts Israel at J Street Confab


The knives are out for the Jewish State.

The Outstretched Hand: Symbol of Palestinian ‘Revolution’

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The international community’s billions of dollars in handouts to the Palestinians.

Palestinians Working for Israelis


An EU survey tells an interesting tale about wages.

Academic Progressivism Descends into Moral Madness


The web of indictments against Jews widens.

From Tel-Aviv to Paris, Genocide Remains the Goal


The Charlie Hebdo jihadists vs. the “moderate” Palestinians.

Jihad in Tel Aviv


Why the Tel Aviv bus stabbing was no isolated incident.

Creeping Anti-Israelism in the Evangelical Movement


What some leaders are hiding from their Christian followers.