Does the Democratic Party Have a Non-Hillary Option?


Biden may end up having the last laugh.

Illiberal Fantasies: Hungary’s Viktor Orban Embraces Authoritarianism

Viktor Orban

A dark turn for the post-communist nation.

The Democrats’ War on the Two-Party System


How Obama and the Left are working to create one-party tyranny.

A New Year and Old Problems


Facing our historic crossroads.

Toxic Government by Democrats: Detroit


Minorities and the poor have suffered the most under decades of progressive rule.

Can Obama Be Stopped?


What the Republican Party must evolve into if it hopes to survive.

The Unsinkable Hillary

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Democratic presidential nominee for 2016 just keeps on going.

Operation Fast and Furious and the Massacre of Mexican Kids


Too many dead bodies for the administration to cover-up.

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A Setback for Geert Wilders


Why don’t the Dutch get it?

Egyptians Start NAZI Party


The goal: supremacy of the Egyptian race.