Poor Regulations


Paul Ryan shines a light on the biggest victims of federal bureaucracy.

Conservatives Balk at Ryan Gov. Funding Plan


While the president may be showing signs of cracking.

ObamaCare: Still a Disaster


From politicians to ordinary Americans, the president’s signature bill is despised.

Paul Ryan: “Amnesty is Not Amnesty Because You Pay a Fine”


Paul Ryan, who has supported forms of immigration reform since he was a House staffer in the 1990s, declared that he would “debate anybody” who calls the current bipartisan effort “amnesty.”

The Budget Battle Begins


Democrats and Republicans: worlds apart.

Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism?


The vice president’s bad faith arguments.

Joe Biden Unhinged


Although much younger than Biden, Ryan was the only adult sitting at the VP debate table.

Biden, Obama and the Politics of Personal Destruction


The vice president’s debate nastiness is the new Obama campaign strategy.

Why Ryan’s Medicare Is Better for Seniors Than Obamacare’s Medicare


The plan that really turns the government program into a “death trap” for its beneficiaries.

Media’s Creepy Stalking of Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend


If you ever sat on a shaky bridge over the waters of a jungle lake swarming with flesh-eating piranhas and innocently began throwing them some Cracker Jack treats, then you already know what a feeding frenzy looks like. The piranhas swarm and keep on swarming hoping for a taste even after there are no more treats.