Paul Ryan Was Right on Obama’s GM Plant Abandonment


Plant closing demonstrates the president will say anything to get elected.

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Don’t Let the Media Fool You About Ryan’s Ratings


Don’t let the media fool you into thinking that Ryan’s speech pulled in low ratings. A convention held in 2012 is not going to have the same ratings as a convention held in 2008. If you watched any part of the 2012 RNC over the internet, then you already know why.

Electrified RNC: ‘We Can Do This’


A night of intensely anticipated speakers brings down the house.

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Obama: The Great Divider


The President has spent more time talking about bipartisanship than actually pursuing it.

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Al Jazeera Attacks Paul Ryan over Women’s Rights


Some kinds of rape are acceptable in Qatar. “The law criminalizes domestic violence and rape but does not address spousal rape. ” Beating your wife is also fine. “There is no law criminalizing domestic violence.”

The Ryan ‘Bounce’ Is Real


Contrary to the Democrats’ spin, Paul Ryan is proving an asset to the Romney campaign.

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‘Rage Against the Machine’ Clueless About Paul Ryan


…And worships mass murderer Che Guevara.

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Rand vs. Ryan


Why media scaremongering over the Russian novelist misrepresents the congressman.

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The Republican War on Hollywood


How the GOP can turn the tide with Tinseltown.

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Medicare May Be Obama’s ‘Waterloo’


Republicans confront a golden opportunity to address the forbidden “third rail” of politics.

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