PBS Broadcasts Anti-Israel Claims from Writer Who Thinks Jews are Space Lizards

alice walker

We see them here as the descendants of the reptilian race that landed on our planet…

No Money for Vets or Kids with Cancer, but Obama has $445 Mil for PBS


PBS NewsHour, National Public Radio and Sesame Street got a taxpayer subsidy during the shutdown, but not would-be cancer patients at the NIH.

PBS Doc on Mohammed Features Muslim who was for Stoning Adulterers, Subjugating Christians and Jews

Weed man, it was weed

“The purpose of the jizya is to make the Jew and the Christian know that they are inferior and subjugated to Islam”

PBS’s Electioneering


Documentary profile of the candidates slants left.

Obama-Loving Media Spin the Economy


For the press, the buck doesn’t stop with Obama.

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PBS Clinton Documentary Lies About the Economy


A historical look at how media manipulated headlines to trump up Clinton’s presidency.

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