The Israeli Enablers in Action


EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has some explaining to do.

The Pope and the Palestinians


Are Vatican officials unaware that Abbas has personally called for a Palestine that is Judenrein?

Iran, the Nuclear Deal and ‘The Gathering Storm’


Wisdom from Winston Churchill for a dangerous age.

Mahmoud Abbas: Failing the Palestinians and Peace

Mahmoud Abbas

The Palestinian president takes an even more drastic totalitarian turn.

Peace With Islam in Our Time


Muslims see peace as the end of the West.

Jewish Settlements and Palestinian Terror


A story of European hypocrisy.

More Beheadings, More Denial


How many more will feel the blade at their necks before Obama and the rest embrace reality?

Brookings Institution’s New Idea: Try Failed Solutions Again


The influential Qatar-funded think tank scapegoats Israel and ignores history.

Obama and the Definition of ‘Islamic’


The fatal flaw in the administration’s strategy of mainstreaming radical political Islam.

Tricking and Dividing the Muslim World — on The Glazov Gang


Nonie Darwish zeroes in on the best strategies to confront and outsmart our enemy in the terror war.