When Progressives Consider Child-Rape Defensible


The Left’s unending excuses for Muslim rape gangs in the U.K.

Father of Gay Marriage Guilty of Child Porn Will Keep San Fran City Pension

Stand by your man

It wasn’t that long ago, that San Francisco was declaring Larry Brinkin Week

Liberal Sweden Allows Pedophile Rapist to Adopt Child


The review recommended that the man be given parenting training.

Illegal Immigrant Pedophile May Be Released in Chicago Area


Left-wing policies continue to let dangerous foreigners roam the streets.

Mark Thompson: From Pedophile Cover-Up to the New York Times

BBC Announce Plans For A Major Shake-Up Of The Corporation

Paper ignores outcry over its new director.

The Saudi Pedophile Chronicles


If you want to rape a 12-year-old girl and have the authorities sanction it, Saudi Arabia is the place for you.