Muslim Soldiers Attempt to Lure 12-Year-Old Girl for Sexual Purposes in Missouri

Mohammed, the man so awful they named him after a pedophile twice

One of these nice people is named Mohammed twice

How Michael Jackson Got Away With It

michael jackson

Rich, famous, beloved child molester.

Association of Gays, Pedophiles and Transsexuals Haunts German Left

Proteste gegen Preisverleihung an Cohn-Bendit

“In terms of national politics, the Greens were the only hope for pedophiles,” says Kurt Hartmann, The Green Party convention established a “pedo-commission” to specifically address the interests of pedophiles.

Muhammad, the Sexual Superman


What the prophet’s insatiable libido says about Islam.

Attacking the Church and Double Standards


Why the media attacks Catholic crimes of 20 years ago but turns a blind eye to present-day Muslim crimes against children.