Pelosi: “We Don’t Have a Policy Problem. We Have a Website Problem”


Only a liberal progressive could be this stupid.

Nancy Pelosi Abandoning Obama on Syria Vote


It’s hard to believe that Pelosi wouldn’t be reporting for duty unless Obama is not really interested in winning the vote in Congress.

Confronting Pelosi’s Obamacare Propaganda ‘Toolkit’


The more Americans learn about the law, the more they hate it.

S*** Pelosi Says


Only politicians can express concern about losing a dignity they don’t possess.

The Democrats and Big Money


Democrats’ professed moral scruples about corporate money have never prevented them from using it.

Monica Crowley at Restoration Weekend

Picture 5

A rallying cry for happy warriors everywhere.

Harry Reid Gone Wild


The senator’s unhinged politics at their worst.

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The Real ‘War on Women’


What the “gender pay gap” canard distracts from.

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The Final Voyage of the USS Enterprise


Mark Krikorian crystallizes the problem of naming ships after living people.

NewsReal Sunday: Record Breaking Deficits Will Enslave Our Children

Obama’s spending is far worse than those before him and will bury our children in debt. February’s deficit spending numbers were more than ALL of 2007.