Socialists Sabotage Dem Frontrunner in PA Governor’s Race

2013 Philadelphia Book Festival - Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power By Rachel Maddow

Never underestimate the left’s ability to eat its own.

Dem Attorney General Who Refused to Prosecute Corrupt Dem Pols Threatens Reporters


Kane said the investigation was racist and those who criticized her were sexist.

Corrupt Pennsylvania Dem Attorney General Kane Refuses to Charge Dem Pols Caught Accepting Bribes


Party of Criminals.

What a Liberal Lawless Country Looks Like


Kathleen Kane is currently being paid $152,443 for a job she won’t do. Don’t the taxpayers of Pennsylvania deserve a refund?

Union Fights to Hold on to Government Liquor Monopoly in Pennsylvania


The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776 (UFCW) represents about 70 percent of the state’s 5,000 liquor store employees, who earn nearly $40,000 on average to stock liquor bottles and operate the cash register.

A Last Look at the Battleground States


Judgment day.

Fighting Back Against PA’s Blasphemy Verdict


David Horowitz Freedom Center to run ad against Judge Mark Martin’s dismissal of Islam-motivated assault.

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Impeach Pennsylvania’s Sharia Judge


Is it already illegal to mock Muhammad in America?

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CAIR’s Fight Against Pennsylvania Foreign Law Bill


Islamist operatives pull out all the stops to clear the way for Sharia in the Keystone State.

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Mumia: 30 Years Later


The cold-blooded cop killer receives an anniversary present from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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