Muslim Terrorists Attempted to Kidnap 8-Year-Old Girl as Hostage


Four young men, their heads covered with hats and scarves, got out of the car and signaled to Yael to open her car door. When she refused, they began smashing the car windows with metal rods. Shards of broken glass fell on Chen, who had been sleeping.

Muslim Terrorist Who Detonated Bomb on Pan Am Flight 830 Freed from Prison

Mohammed Rashed

“To tell you the truth, I never figured he’d be released,” Hawk said. “I just figured he’d be in prison the rest of his life, and that was it.”

French Communist Mayor Honors Murderer of Israeli Tourism Minister

Dominique Lesparre

Terrorism is widely accepted in the Muslim world. As France becomes more Muslim, it will also become more pro-terrorist.

French Court Orders Release of Lebanese Terrorist Who Murdered US Lieutenant Colonel


Abdallah converted from Christianity to Islam and his Communist terrorist group murdered Lt. Col. Charles R. Ray, and wounded Robert Homme, the American consul general in Strasbourg.

The “Peace Partners” Who Never Were


An attempt to unify Palestinian terror.