Bosch Fawstin To Speak At University of Baltimore on Islam, Pigman & Free Speech

Maryland Talk poster 2

Front Page Magazine’s IllustWriter on his upcoming talk.

Drawing the Line Against Jihad


The Infidel takes the fight to those who had a good day on 9/11.

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Bosch Fawstin’s The Infidel #2 Now Available!


A brilliant serialized graphic novel tells the story of our sad and foolish age. Don’t miss it.

A Cartoonist vs. Jihad


Bosch Fawstin discusses how he uses images to wage his battle for freedom.

Never, Never Submit


A recovering Muslim speaks.

Open Thread: the PIGMANhattan project

For more on Frank Warner aka Pigman, please visit my blog

Feminist Hawk Rising!

I would like to introduce everyone to a dear friend of mine. This is Feminist Hawk. She’s a new associate editor here at NewsReal Blog. She’s in charge of editing our new Feminist Hawks’ Nest sub-blog.
Feminist Hawk was created by my friend, the extraordinary artist Bosch Fawstin, creator of Pigman and author of such works [...]

Open Thread: Infidels: Guilty Until Proven Muslim

That’s the gist of Islam’s position against non-Muslims.
Unbelief in Islam being the single greatest crime of all in Islam, and so Infidels are criminals who need to be brought to Islamic justice, by conversion, subjugation or death.
When you hear a two-faced rat from CAIR speak about how Islam doesn’t condone the killing of innocents, what they mean [...]

To Protect & Serve….the Enemy?

To see more of Pigman, you can visit my blog.

Pigman: Love Death? How Much?

Pigman puts the enemy’s much advertised love of death to the test.
- Bosch Fawstin