Bombay High Court says Islam can be criticized, but not “maliciously”

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The problem with this ought to be obvious: who decides what constitutes “malicious” criticism? Islamic spokesmen in non-Muslim countries routinely characterize any and every criticism of Islam, including any accurate depiction of the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism, as malicious. It is a central element of their playbook: characterize anyone who dares to [...]

Obama Defiant


Unchastened and unbowed, the president doubles down on the Democrats’ agenda.

The Politics of Hope and Fear Revisited

My good friend Brian recently put together a very good video exposing Al Gore’s utter hypocrisy. It pretty clearly shows that Gore’s a fake and a political opportunist of the worst kind.
The video particularly focuses on his position on outsourcing, and starts out by looking at his position in the 1993 NAFTA debate and the [...]

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Why Obama Doesn’t Support the Green Revolution

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post, called “Obama’s Shame: Revolution Continues in Iran, Sound of Silence from White House.” When I decided to write that, I wanted to use the opportunity  to explain why President Obama hasn’t condemned the violence committed by the Mad Mullahs in recent months. Because the post was long enough [...]

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