The Predictable Failure of Kerry’s “Peace” Mission

kerry abbas

When fantasies about terrorists collide with reality.

The Worst Alternative


Why a one-state solution is the only viable option Israel has left.

Israel’s Homicidal Peace Partner


The truth about Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinian President-for-Life Abbas Begins 10th Year of 4-Year-Term


Abbas’ term was indefinitely extended by the The Central Council of the PLO

Kerry’s Oh-So-’90s Security Nonsense

John Kerry

Where has the secretary of state been for the last 20 years?

Obama’s Four-State Solution


Why Israel’s “demographic time bomb” is a PLO-concocted lie.

Islam: The Foundation of the Middle East Conflict


The one true impediment to peace in the Islamic world and beyond.

Israel’s Twenty-Year Nightmare

Oslo victims-thumb-470x320-3132

The horror of the Oslo Accords.

Demand the PLO Ratify the Oslo Accords


If Sec. Kerry wants to reignite the peace process, here is where he should start.

A Few Notable Anniversaries on the Palestinians’ Big Day


The forgotten history of the Palestinians’ Nazi alliance and agenda.