PLO and Hamas Still Unable to Make Peace w/Each Other… Let Alone Israel

Not even the holy 8-ball of Islam can help

The so-called Palestinians can’t make peace with each other.

Letting Go of Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas

Why the Palestinian Authority chief is not an asset — but a liability.

An Open Letter to John Kerry


It’s not us — it’s you.

UN: Hamas-Fatah ‘Unity’ Deal May Be a Good Thing

Mahmoud Abbas

While the leaders of Gaza proclaim their commitment to destroying Israel.

The Self-Inflicted Palestinian Victimhood

Al Fatah

Why won’t the Palestinian Authority provide permanent housing for refugees?

Time for Consequences

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas holds a

The Palestinians publicly announce their embrace of terrorism — and their true intentions in the “peace process.”

The Predictable Failure of Kerry’s “Peace” Mission

kerry abbas

When fantasies about terrorists collide with reality.

The Worst Alternative


Why a one-state solution is the only viable option Israel has left.

Israel’s Homicidal Peace Partner


The truth about Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinian President-for-Life Abbas Begins 10th Year of 4-Year-Term


Abbas’ term was indefinitely extended by the The Central Council of the PLO