NYPD Warns Against Bill That “Will Ban Cops from Identifying a Suspect’s Age, Gender and Color”


We know that age, gender and color have nothing to do with crime and allowing cops to use irrelevant factors like that to try and find suspects is just bigoted.

Non-Indian Sports Columnist Thinks American Indians Who Aren’t Offended by Redskins are “Uncle Toms”


Mike Freeman had two qualifications as a sports writer. A college degree and a willingness to casually throw around accusations of racism.

Islam’s War of Annihilation Against Hindus


India besieged.

“We’re Not Trying to Pass Judgement on the Role Tequila or Tacos Have in the Mexican Culture,”


“This weekend, please join us in honoring the tradition of El Cinco de Mayo with appropriate, tasteful and respectful celebration.”

Through These Blues


A view from inside the political jihad arena.

National Park Service Deputy Director Claims Black People Don’t Like National Parks Because of Slavery

Every day in Yellowstone is just like Django.

“African American people feel safe in cities and less safe in nature,” says Fearn, who is black. “Preserving wild places is a white concept, going back to Rome.”

Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene


From the Menendez prostitution scandal to immigration reform.

Canada’s Own Che


A college student mounts the barricades in opposition to free speech.

Obama Hires “Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity”


Just imagine the horror when a team of scientists discovers a cure for cancer… and it turns out that none of them are Lesbian or Latino. We’ll have to scrap the cancer cure, delete all their work and start all over again to create good role models for the children.

What You Can’t Say in America


If the race hustlers and demagogues have their way, slavery will never be properly understood.