Defending Sudan’s Christians from Islamist Terror


Archbishop of York John Sentamu speaks out while too many other clerics stay silent.

Sleepless in Seattle; Clueless in DC and New York


Why we can’t rely on our policy elites to be “the best and the brightest.”

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Britain Ruled by Political Correctness

Great Britain

Police refuse to investigate Muslim pedophile gangs because they are afraid of being called racist.

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Rest in Peace Ray Bradbury, Enemy of Political Correctness


A masterful writer who confronted a world full of people bent on burning books.

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Whitewashing Islamic Terror in Toulouse


The media’s “right-wing extremist” fallacy exposed.

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Naming Names


Terror expert Michael Widlanski points to the western elites who are leaving us vulnerable to the jihadi threat.

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Where Has All the English Gone?


Why are we afraid to tell the truth?

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Domestic Jihad Victims Deserve Purple Heart

Another casualty of the denial of the reality of jihad.

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Good Grief: Charlie Brown, Jihadist


There is no humor in Islam.

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‘Homeland’ Finale – The Verdict Is In


Once again Hollywood blames America first.

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