Class Warfare, An American Tradition


Why “divisiveness” is not the problem.

A Left-Wing America Stands Alone


While Europe goes right, America stays left back.

Dumb Politicians Won’t Get Elected


When trashing the Constitution is the politically smart thing to do.

Rich, Arrogant and Stupid


The perils of forsaking traditional wisdom.

Detroit’s Present, America’s Future


Why the country is headed for the same dem-designed disaster.

How Conservatives Can Fight Back

Picture 7

David Horowitz, Pat Caddell, Bill Whittle and Rep. Tom Cotton discuss the art of political warfare and how the country can be saved.

Allen West: How Conservatives Can Win the War

Picture 1

A military strategist dissects the political battlefield at the Freedom Center’s Texas Weekend.

Can Obama Be Stopped?


What the Republican Party must evolve into if it hopes to survive.

The Great Power of Washington

White House Protests

What D.C. tells us about Obama and America.

A Rising Star in Israeli Politics


Naftali Bennett gives anti-Oslo Israelis a voice.