The Muslim Brotherhood: Origins, Efficacy and Reach


A detailed look at the vast Islamist syndicate — and its objectives for the world.

George Gilder’s Knowledge and Power


The genius and inspiration of capitalism: the individual.

The Democrats’ Threat to ‘Go Nuclear’


Progressives plot to dramatically shift constitutional powers to Obama.

What Did Nixon Do?


Reflecting on a Republican president oversold as a villain — and Obama’s vastly more scandalous misdeeds.

The Great Power of Washington

White House Protests

What D.C. tells us about Obama and America.

Gun Ownership and People Power

Second Amendment

Remembering why the Constitution determines that the people shall be armed.

Egypt and the Death of the ‘Arab Spring’


The country’s new constitution puts the final nail in the coffin of Egyptian democracy.

Taming Islamist Turkey


Turkey’s Prime Minister watches his star power rapidly fading.

A Map to the Muslim Middle East


An endless tale of endless violence and endless paranoia.

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The Red Race Card


Why the Left’s obsession with racial politics is motivated by achieving power, not justice for the downtrodden.

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