Kimberley Strassel on the GOP Game Plan Going into 2016


Wall Street Journal editor lays out the political battle ahead in Washington at Restoration Weekend.

Midterm Election: What Just Happened?

midterm elections

An all-star panel discusses what to expect in 2016 and beyond at Restoration Weekend.

Executive Tyranny: The Problem’s Bigger Than Obama


The roots of the president’s imperial impulse.

Obama’s Assault on the Constitution

Picture 18

An expert panel of legal scholars unmasks the president’s lawless agenda.

The Unsinkable Hillary

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Democratic presidential nominee for 2016 just keeps on going.

What a Romney Presidency Would Look Like


How he would clean up the mess.

Disqualifications Roil Egyptian Election


But the Muslim Brotherhood has a back-up plan.

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Obama Welcomes Brotherhood Run for Egyptian Presidency


Administration reveals its new “ally.”

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George Will: Sarah Palin and the Mutual Loathing Society – RealClearPolitics

The Republican presidential nominee, an Arizona senator, was a maverick, which was part of his charm. He spoke and acted impulsively, which was part of his problem. Voters thought his entertaining dimensions might be incompatible with presidential responsibilities. For example, he selected a running mate most Americans had never heard of and who had negligible […]

Obama’s Budget Blame Game


The president blames his predecessor for his own fiscal profligacy.