Socialist Dictatorship in Venezuela Blocks Twitter to Fight Protests


This is why government regulation of the internet is so dangerous.

Venezuela’s Insane Dictator Reinvents Self as Communist Santa Claus


He’s seizing goods and dictating a price.

Socialist President of Venezuela Guarantees Everyone a Plasma Television


“We must ensure that all Venezuelans have a plasma TV ,” the President said.

Socialist Venezuelan Leader Orders Military Occupation of Electronics Stores (PHOTOS)


“I’ve ordered the immediate occupation of this chain to offer its products to the people at fair prices”

Insane Socialist President of Venezuela Claims Hugo Chavez Face Appeared on Subway Wall

He's not laughing with you

“Chavez is everywhere, we are Chavez, you are Chavez,”

“Yankees Go Home!” Shouts Insane Venezuelan Leader, Accusing US Diplomats of Sabotaging Electricity


“Yankees go home! Get out of Venezuela! Get out of here!.” Maduro added.

Socialist Insanity in Venezuela Leads to No Plane Seats


Maduro recently set up a new telephone hotline, 0-800-SABOTAGE, for Venezuelans to report illegal economic activity.

Venezuelans Reduced to Hunting for Toilet Paper with Smartphones

Hope, Change and Two-Ply

Socialism. It really, really, really doesn’t work.

Socialist Venezuela Raids Toilet Paper and Diaper Hoarders


The existence of a black market in diapers and toilet paper is a sign of just how badly the economy is failing.

“Fidel Told Me He Did Not Understand Why Commandante Chavez had Not Finished with Bourgeois Elections”


“There are ministers here, buddy, you do not even know what they do. And most likely, they’re stealing, Palacios, because they think this is going to crumble.”