Venezuelans Reduced to Hunting for Toilet Paper with Smartphones

Hope, Change and Two-Ply

Socialism. It really, really, really doesn’t work.

Socialist Venezuela Raids Toilet Paper and Diaper Hoarders


The existence of a black market in diapers and toilet paper is a sign of just how badly the economy is failing.

“Fidel Told Me He Did Not Understand Why Commandante Chavez had Not Finished with Bourgeois Elections”


“There are ministers here, buddy, you do not even know what they do. And most likely, they’re stealing, Palacios, because they think this is going to crumble.”

Chavez Successor Threatens Venezuelans Who Don’t Vote for Him With Ancient Curse

President Maduro

“If the bourgeoisie win, they are going to privatize health and education, the curse of Macarapana would come on you,” Maduro said.

Chavez Successor Got Communist Training in Cuba


Maduro emphasised the importance of the new School of Political Education for the ALBA Armed Forces, calling it a “vanguard experience not just in Latin America but for the entire world.”

Is Chavez’s Successor Plotting to Murder his Opponent and Blame it on America?


We’ve got Maduro claiming that Obama, the CIA and a bunch of Bush officials are plotting to kill Capriles. And we’ve got Capriles saying that Maduro is plotting to kill him.