What Have you Done?


An open letter to Americans.

Obama’s Greatest Crime


Permanent mob rule on the way.

Human Rights Council Steps Over Terrorists to Attack Israel

After reading Anne Bayefsky’s piece on Commentary Online about the Human Rights Council’s (HRC) recent Israel-bashing convention in Geneva, I can only wonder what worthy venue will win American diplomats, dollars, and tacit endorsement next. A U.N. commission on the sanctity of marriage co-chaired by Tiger Woods and John Edwards?
I could believe anything after the despots [...]

Target Israel


The Jewish state’s greatest sin – in the eyes of Obama.

The Threat We Face


Crystallizing who our enemy is — and the policies we need to prevail.

The Coming Tax Hike


Obama may have handed Republicans the perfect election-year slogan: Just say no to new taxes.

Bracing Brew


Bring on the tea parties!

Obama’s Disgraceful Conduct Toward Israel


Treating Netanyahu as if he were an unsavory Third World dictator.

Health Care: a Culture Issue


Taking the option of personal choice away from individual citizens.

Obamacare Bill: A Declaration of War


The people of this nation are still sovereign, and their voice will be heard.