Smart Policing: Lock Up Leftists


How the left is trying to undo America’s astonishing crime-reduction accomplishments.

The Forgotten Americans Jailed in Iran


The individuals left out of Obama’s deal with the Islamic Republic.

Leftist-Beloved Palestinian Terrorist Sentenced to Prison

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.57.15 PM

Justice finally catches up with Rasmieh Yusef Odeh.

The Hoax of Black Victimization at the Oscars


Are a whole lot of black people really in prison for no reason whatsoever?

Carrying His Cross to Elam


The revolutionary potential of the growing house church movement in Iran.

The Obama Doctrine: Undermine the Military, Coddle Enemies and Distance Friends

Clint Lorance

Two cases of injustice toward soldiers highlight the administration’s warped priorities.

Leader of Jihadist Onslaught in Iraq Released on Obama’s Watch


The catastrophic consequences of a Radical-in-Chief’s defeatism.

Over 1,000 Days in Iranian Prison for U.S. Marine


How Obama’s appeasement has increased the suffering of Tehran’s American captives.

Gitmo: Closing Up Shop?


What the Bergdahl fiasco may be foreshadowing.

Releasing Murderers for Peace


The insanity of the “peace process.”