U. Minnesota Considers Ban on Mentioning Race in Crime Alerts


Leftists claim students are more endangered by publicizing races of roving criminals.

Tips for Right-Wingers on the IRS Scandal


Forget the line-dancing videos, expose the abuse.

IRS Asked Pro-Life Group to “Detail the Contents of Your Members’ Prayers”

George, wait until the IRS finds out

Perhaps one day we can all look forward to running our prayers past the Office of Politically Correct Prayer Compliance.

Pro-Life Groups Confirm: IRS Targeting Began in 2009


While government-funded Planned Parenthood actively campaigned against Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

IRS Forced Pro-Life Group to Sign Pledge Not to Protest Planned Parenthood


The IRS insisted that “every member of the board of directors of the Coalition sign a statement, under penalty of perjury, that they will not picket or protest or organize others to picket or protest outside of Planned Parenthood.”

Johns Hopkins Denies Pro-Life Student Group, Allows Students for Justice in Palestine


The senator said, as a private university, “we have the right to protect our students from things that are uncomfortable. Why should people have to defend their beliefs on their way to class?”

Banning ‘Choose Life’ License Plates to Protect Free Speech?


Why the North Carolina court got it wrong.

Green Evangelicals ‘Masquerade’ New EPA Rule as ‘Pro-Life’

EEN Logo.jpg

The Left turns its art of exploitation in a new sinister direction.

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