It’s Not the Message, It’s Not the Messenger, It’s the Voter


The nightmares we face won’t be addressed until a critical mass of citizens feels the pain.

The Educational Covenant


Understanding the symptoms and causes of a broken culture.

The Suffering Student


The problem with education today.

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WikiLeaks Goes After Gitmo


The whistle-blowing website’s blatant anti-Americanism reveals itself once again.

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Obama’s Left Turn


Why the president has abandoned the centrist approach.

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No “Shared Sacrifice” for Greek Socialists


The Left’s thuggery on full display.

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Bull About Bullying


Why no action will be taken against schoolyard antagonizers, despite public outrage.

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Symposium: When Does a Religion Become an Ideology?


Is it significant that, in Islam, the pillars of faith are rituals rather than moral values?

The Warrior Code vs. The Da Vinci Code


Feminized Christianity meets alpha male Islam.

Matthews’ Meltdown: Execute BP Execs Like the Chinese Would?

Apparently former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn isn’t the only Obama admirer with an affinity for Maoist methodology.
On Hardball Monday night, Chris Matthews began a week long rant about the BP oil spill that had him calling for the imprisonment of the whole BP board, possibly their execution, and for the President to nationalize [...]