Summing Up Obama (So Far)


It’s still a legitimate question: Who is he?

The Alarmist Presidency


Barack Obama never wastes an opportunity to expand government regulation.

The Greek Crisis and the Reactionary Left


The wages of socialism.

Sarah Palin’s California Senate Endorsement Underscores Her Need for Gravitas

Critics or my recent NewsReal Blog post miss my point. My point is not to disparage either Sarah Palin or Carly Fiorina, both of whom I like, respect and admire. My point is to be candid about Palin’s shortcomings so that she can change. Because America needs the Sarah Palin that can be, not the Sarah Palin that now is.

California’s Book Ban


A Golden State lawmaker pushes for ban on new Texas textbooks.

Secure Borders, Secure Jobs


Arizona lawmakers take a stand for the American worker.

Appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood


How Obama’s policies are facilitating a potential Islamist take-over in Egypt.

Endless War


Ralph Peters reflects on how we can effectively combat an enemy that we’re afraid to name.

In Defense of the Pope


Thou shalt not stereotype.

From the Writings of David Horowitz: April 3, 2010

ZIONISM is a national liberation movement, identical in most ways to other liberation movements that leftists and progressives the world over — and in virtually every case but this one — fervently support. This exceptionalism is also visible at the reverse end of the political spectrum: In every other instance, [...]