The Black Book of the American Left: Volume 2 — The Progressives


What is the nature of progressives and why are conservatives so surprised by how radical, un-American and bigoted they are? Horowitz’s second volume provides the answers.

Fat Cats and Democrats


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The Black Book of the American Left


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How the Left Yearned for a White American Bomber — on The Glazov Gang


See no Islam, Hear no Islam.

Rachel Maddow’s Brain Numbing Attack on David Horowitz


Read the books, Rachel, before you blow another gasket about them.

The Left’s Dance With Terror


Why Sean Penn and Oliver Stone wept when Hugo Chavez died.

9 Phony Martyrs of the Left


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Radicals: Portraits of a Destructive Passion


David Horowitz talks about his new book with Patrick O’Heffernan