Black Flag in Jersey: A Jihadist Identifier Camouflaged


Does the flag of ISIS really not mean anything?

Islam on Cows, Horses, Camels and Women


The ugly truth about Islamic teachings — and the one positive aspect of the “Arab Spring.”

Times Square Car Bomb: A Jihad?


Even if it wasn’t, only Muslims are praising it.

Obama’s Anti-Israel Jihad


While Islamic jihad becomes “as American as apple pie.”

Qaddafi Calls for Jihad on Swiss for Minaret Ban – AP

TRIPOLI, Libya — Liby’s leader called for a jihad, or holy war, against Switzerland on Thursday because of its ban on mosque minarets — escalating a long-running diplomatic feud between the two countries. Muammar Qaddafi also urged Muslims everywhere to boycott Swiss products and to bar Swiss planes and ships from the airports or seaports […]

Malaysia and the Myth of Islamic Tolerance


A spate of attacks on Christian churches reveal the dark side of this “moderate” Muslim nation.