Andrew Klavan: Black Leader Al Sharpton

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A Truth Revolt video.

Saul Alinsky Lives in Ferguson


How Obama has implemented Alinsky’s tactics of social revolution to tear a city – and a nation – apart.

Ferguson Lynch Mob Leaders Convene at the White House


Stoking the race riot flames.

Ferguson Hipsters Out to Ruin Christmas


They won’t stop until everyone in America hates them.

Justifying the Rioting


Rage is not justice.

Leftists Willing to Fight to the Last Drop of Black Blood


The left-wing lies that precipitated a made-to-order riot.

Obama and the Roots of the Ferguson Rage


The lynch mob politics embraced by the Obama administration hit the streets of America.

Ferguson in Flames

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The lynch mob is egged on by the Radical-in-Chief.

Intifada in Ferguson


Why supporters of Palestinian terrorists have made common cause with the rioters in MO.

Would-Be Cop Killer Is New Ferguson Hero


The lynch mob finds a new pretext for unleashing its violence.